My Name is Julien Seri. I’m a Director, Writer & Producer. I’ve worked on features, TV Movies and more than 400 commercials including Toyota, Kookai, Nintendo, Renault, Lexus, Nestlé & Orange. I have won two bronze Lions at the Cannes Film Festival, two Lynx at the Dubaï Film Festival, and the Grand Prize at the Director Artistic’s club in Paris. My experience in Cape Town with Miklós Rogovsky and Smokin’ Gun Productions was one of my three best shooting experiences ever. Miklós and his team did an amazing job which included understanding our needs, they had a real sense of artistic direction, an easy way to communicate and at the same time made things possible giving us the ability to create greatness. That’s why I believe Smokin’ Gun Productions would be ideal for all our future projects in South Africa.

Julien SeriDirector, Writer & View showreel

Having had experiences with Service Productions all over the world, I must say that I’ve never had better service than shooting with Smokin’ Gun Productions. The Executive Producer Miki, totally understood my needs as a Director. Creatively, he was a big help regarding cast and locations and I did not have much explaining to do. He just got me directly. It all worked out perfectly fine, from prep to wrap. But the best thing was that when I had the opportunity to do a very low budget project on the back to my main project, I received the same attention from Smokin’ Gun Productions as I did for the big project. I am still very thankful that they made it possible. I will definitely return.

Frank HoffmanMutter und Vater

I’ve had the professional pleasure of working with Smokin’ Gun Productions as Fixers / Producers on the Travel Channel series RIDEiculous. They exceeded my expectations at every turn, and made my job as Producer / Director incredibly easy. Their focus and attention to detail, ability to multi-task, and willingness to go above and beyond are unparalleled. Their experiences as a Service Producers made them an invaluable asset, and their positive attitude and calm demeanour made them a joy to work with. I would have them on my team any time.

John W BurshtanProducer / Director, Travel Channel’s

Working with Miki and Smokin’ Gun was one of my favourite commercial experiences. Everything was smooth running, every single member of the crew Miki gathered was amazing. The job we did together was one my least stressful commercial experiences!  Miki and his team are consummate professionals – I highly recommend them for any job, and am always looking for ways we can work together again!

Rita MbangaProducer, Sunrise Films