Miklós Rogovsky


Born and educated in England, Miki has Hungarian and Belgium roots with a bit of Middle Eastern thrown in. Fluent in both French and English, having attended the French Lycée in London, Miki moved to Cape Town in 2002 and began working almost immediately in the booming film industry first in locations, before quickly making the move into production. Combining tough negotiation skills with a love of film-making, Miki is the kind of Producer who rarely takes no for an answer and always has his clients best interests and needs at heart.

Away from the office, Miki divides his time between his two (crazy) boys, his love of golf, boxing and an obsession with his ever growing vinyl collection.

Pia Caverni


After receiving her BA degree in Motion Picture, majoring in Producing, Pia started working on television series’ and feature films in 2004 and quickly progressed up the production ladder. In 2006 she moved over to the UK and worked for the BBC before heading to America where she experienced working on some rather large Hollywood feature film sets. She returned to South Africa in 2010 where she worked on a number of international feature films and has since refined her skills as a Line Producer working on commercials, music videos and TV shows all over Africa. Her attention to detail and friendly demeanour ensures a smooth, tightly run and fun shoot.

At home Pia is a madly skilled DIY fanatic learning all of her skills from You Tube videos!

Monica Anne


Cape Town born and bred, and a person of fierce drive and passion, Monica studied Performing Arts at CAPA for a year before deciding that being behind the camera is where she preferred to be. She started out at a casting studio, where she gained plenty of experience dealing with and understanding people. Soon after that she flew up the ranks into Cast Coordinating and started working on some epic commercials where she completely fell in love with the energy and fast pace of the industry. She found her tribe at Smokin’ Gun, where she is working her way up the Production ladder.

In her down time, you’ll find Monica dancin’ or singing to Blues & Rock ‘n’ Roll, fawning over art in galleries, or lost in the wilderness.

Bridie Bischoff


Born and raised in the UK, Bridie studied literature at UCL before forging a career in production. Her first gig was at the BBC, following which she moved from documentary to drama. Itchy feet and ambition brought her to South Africa where she joined the Smokin’ Gun team as a coordinator and quickly progressed to the role of PM. After four years in Cape Town, she moved back to the UK and has since gone onto work as a development exec on features and produce an award-winning Off Broadway show, all while flying the Smokin’ Gun flag.

Away from the office, Bridie is a fan of both Jilly Cooper and Tolstoy and has recently taken her organisational skills beyond the workplace and digitized her wardrobe.