Julien Seri


I always say that movie-making is child’s play for me. When I was young, I wanted to be a martial art master, but movies such as ; The Exorcist, Star Wars, The Shining, Rocky and Alien made me dream. Then Akira Kurosawa’s “Seven Samurai” rocked my world and I knew that I had to become a film maker.


I started working for Luc Besson. I wrote and co-directed “Yamakasi” which was a hit in France. After this success, I went on to do “Sons of the wind” that I wrote and directed.

I set myself up independently. Started doing commercials and I also directed the film; “Scorpion”. I was attracted to the story because it was very personal to me.

I truly believe that working for 16 years in the commercial business helped me a lot as a director and producer. Commercial directors have to be quick, know how to work with clients and agencies, and also to work within a budget be in small or large. It was the best school for me.

I have directed commercials over the last 16 years. I won two bronze LIONS at the Cannes Films festival, two LYNX (Gold and Silver) at the Dubai Films Festival, and Le grand prix du club des Directeurs Artisique in France.

Since “Scorpion”, apart from commercials I have directed 4 TV movies, and written a few scripts. One of them is “Love Run”.

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Grant De Sousa


After completing his Honours Degree in Directing, Grant de Sousa began in the industry as a researcer for a leading local production company, working for many of SA’s top directors.


His first break as a director came with the commercial “There’s No Going Back” – a moving and hard-hitting portrayal of a girl’s downward spiral into the world of drugs. The commercial won numerous awards, the highlight being a Cannes Award win at the 2007 Cannes CFP-E / Shots Young Directors Award.

Not long after this, Grant once again swooped many awards with his controversial “Conflict Diamonds” spot for The African Diamond Council at the end of 2009. Grant’s choice of cast, lighting, and music resulted in a haunting depiction of the greed and corruption of the diamond trade. Five Vuka Awards, a shortlist for the prestigious UNDPI Award at the 2010 New York Festival and a nomination at the 2010 South African Loerie Awards were among the accolades he received.

He continues to prove his mettle as a performance director, being able to extract impressive interpretations from his cast. His keen creative eye and immaculate attention to detail make him a favourite choice as a director both locally and abroad.

Grant is represented by CAB films a production company in Cape Town


Mikal Hovland


After graduating from the prestigious National Film School of Norway in 2012, Mikal has been working on commercials along with developing feature films and TV-series from his home base in Oslo.


Known for his downplayed humorous side and quirky comic style, Mikal frequently draws inspiration from his Scandinavian heroes such as Kaurismäki and Roy Anderson.

In 2013 Mikal was nominated for the Young Directors Award in Cannes for the brilliantly funny charity spot he did for the Norwegian Dyslexia Association.

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