Charlie Sperring


Charlie Sperring is a Widely published international commercial photographer with 10 years experience based in Cape Town

“I am a photographer, specialising in motion picture stills, advertising, documentary, action sports and interior decor.


After completing a jazz/contemporary music diploma at Natal Technikon in the Early 90’s, I travelled for the rest of the decade, working in many different fields, seeing the world for it’s many faces, and gathering insights into where I could find my niche creatively.

I arrived in Cape Town in 2001, and have been a part of it’s creative landscape ever since. I have had 15 years experience in the film Industry, working in various capacities, and have been a professional photographer since 2006.

I also specialise in shooting on the back of television commercials for related advertising campaigns, which requires precision, speed, and an ability to work under pressure, while still fulfilling the brief.

As a photographer, my primary objective is capturing images that tell stories and have the ability to translate an emotive narrative.

Whether it be the subject , or a scene, the viewer needs to be moved in a direction that translates either the story I am trying to tell, or the story that is unfolding.”

Melanie Cleary


I am a Cape Town-based photographer who, for two decades, has dedicated herself to perfecting the art of people photography.


Whether I am shooting high-profile commercial campaigns or behind-the-scenes advertising on TV commercial sets, my comfortable and easy-going manner with my subjects ensures that I always inspire the right performance to achieve my client’s goals.

Working in the South African commercial and feature film industry as a technician and doing behind the scenes photography has nurtured my ability to capture and create beautiful images and to tell stories.

Photography is a constant reminder of the beauty that can be found in simple things and the awe-inspiring complexity of human nature.

David Bloomer


David’s clients include the likes of Warner Bros, HBO, Getty images, Red Bull, Paramount, Volvo and so the list goes on.  Check out David’s portfolio and all the names he has worked with over the past 15 years:

Sebastian Pielles


Sebastian has been in the industry for ten years, six of which were spent working as a photographer’s assistant around Europe. In 2011, he felt he had enough experience to go freelance and start focusing on his own projects.


“Photography is my passion. My main focus is fashion because I love the change and movement in it. The nudes captivate me with the challenge of capturing the model’s innocence and spirit. I also have a special interest in shooting character portraits, especially those of musicians because for me they are a good indicator of what will become fashionable in the upcoming season”.

Among many others, Sebastian has worked with  Mix Mag, American Apparel, Warner Music Group, Mercedes Benz, BMW and Sony.

Verity Fitzgerald


Verity is a freelance photographer focusing on portraits and lifestyle photography, as well as pursuing her own documentary projects. She is based in Cape Town but spends part of the year working in London.